The beauty of terrace fields in Phong Du Thuong Commune

  •  Sunday, July 11, 2021

YBO - Recently, many netizens were surprised by the beauty of terraced fields in Phong Du Thuong commune in Yen Bai province’s Van Yen district.

Phong Du Thuong Terrace Field – a destination that align economic development with tourism
Phong Du Thuong Terrace Field – a destination that align economic development with tourism

Lo Van Manh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Phong Du Thuong Commune said its terraced fields are mainly located in Khe Tau village with nearly 30 hectares. All residents at the village are Mong ethnic people.

The terrace fields were created by 79 households in the village. New areas are continuing to be set up and water is brought from the upstream to the fields.

Manh said the land areas turned into terraced fields have infertile soil and mountainous terrain, adding that the Mong ethnic people in Nam Co commune, Mu Cang Chai district migrated to the village in early 1997  reclaimed and transformed those areas to rice terrace fields.

Thanks to favourable weather condition and help from the Government to build irrigation works, the area of terraced fields has been expanded over the years.

Manh also said the commune encouraged people to renovate uncultivated land while preserving the landscape and environment for developing economy in association with tourism in the future.

Terrace and tray-shaped fields are being formed, promising to become an ideal destination for tourists  

Fields have been filled with water, ready for a new crop.

Joy of the people who create a unique landscape - the terrace field.

Thanh Mien – Thanh Thuy

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Artisan Giang Su Giang (right) from Hang Phu Loa of Mo De has made great contributions to maintaining Khen culture of Mong people.

Along with beautiful natural landscapes, Mu Cang Chai district of Yen Bai district is also home to the unique cultural identities of Mong and Thai ethnic minority groups, and various traditional values of local communities’ traditional customs, festivals, crafts, costumes and cuisine.

Visitors immersed in the 'sea of clouds' at a camping tent at LauCamping, Phinh Ho commune, Tram Tau district. (Photo:

Camping has been chosen by many young people for their holidays over the recent years. In anticipation of that trend, some businesses and individuals in Yen Bai province have set up campsites to take full advantage of natural landscapes and attract tourists to the locality.

Visitors join activities at Thac Ba Lake tourist destination.

The northern province of Yen Bai welcomed over 121,000 visitors during the five-day holidays from April 29 to May 3, an increase of 70.2% compared to that the same period last year.

Xoe dance in Muong Lo

With diverse and unique potential, Yen Bai is a famous tourist destination in the north, as it welcomes millions of visitors every year. In addition to pristine landscapes and attractive indigenous cultures, the western localities of the province have launched many new and attractive tourism products for the five-day national holiday of Hung Kings Commemoration Day, National Reunification and May Day.

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