Suoi Giang - A must-see destination in Yen Bai province

  •  Saturday, May 7, 2022

YBO - Located at an altitude of nearly 1,400 metres above sea level, Suoi Giang has a cool climate year-round. Average temperatures are perhaps 8-10 degrees Celsius lower than in places such as Van Chan district and Nghia Lo town. On any given day in Suoi Giang, visitors may enjoy a cool night, floating clouds in the morning when they awake, and clear skies and breezes in the afternoon as golden sunshine bathes the hillsides. We are pleased to introduce readers to some of the highlights of Suoi Giang.

Suoi Giang in the early morning.
Suoi Giang in the early morning.

A glimpse of Suoi Giang.

A unique space honouring Suoi Giang tea, a specialty of Yen Bai province.

Welcoming the sunrise at an altitude of 1,400 metres above sea level is a wonderful experience.


Clear skies at noon are ideal for check-in photos.

Catering and accommodation services meet visitors’ rising demands.

 Local farmers in Suoi Giang harvesting tea.

 Traditional dishes of local ethnic minority groups have found favour among visitors.

Enjoying tea in a cosy wooden house.

Homestays close to nature.

Visitors take part in pounding glutinous rice for cake-making at a cultural festival in Suoi Giang.

Visitors experience the Mong ethnic minority group’s embroidery in Suoi Giang.


Other news

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According to a plan to implement the rural tourism development programme in building new-style rural areas for the 2021 - 2025 period, the People's Committee of Nghia Lo township has set out three goals and 18 specific contents to agencies and units for implementation.

Visitors look for precious stones at Luc Yen gemstone market.

Beyond a tourist destination with stunning landscapes of the mountainous region, Luc Yen district is also known for its gemstone market among gemstone aficionados from far and wide.

Song Thi Phua, a woman in Suoi Giang commune of Van Chan district, introduces the tourism site of Coc Tinh.

In 2015, 64-year-old Song Thi Phua in Giang B hamlet of Suoi Giang commune, Van Chan district, and her family began developing a homestay tourism model with attractive destinations worth to be explored right in their family’s area.

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