Nghia Lo holds contest on tourism symbol

  •  Thursday, September 9, 2021

YBO - Nghia Lo town of Yen Bai province has launched a contest to seek designs of tourism symbol for the town.

Girls of Thai Muong Lo in Nghia Lo gracefully perform a traditional “xoe” dance.
Girls of Thai Muong Lo in Nghia Lo gracefully perform a traditional “xoe” dance.

All Vietnamese citizens at home and abroad are eligible for the contest.

The entries must flaunt iconic traits, featuring cultural identity, historical tradition and socio-economic development of Nghia Lo. Creators have to bear legal responsibility for their works to avoid disputes over copyright.

The works must be drawn on A3 paper with description stating the creator's concept, idea and technical solutions, along with statistics on the scale, area of use, area of construction and necessary data and estimates. 

Quang cảnh buổi phát động cuộc thi.

Entries must be sent to the culture-information office of Nghia Lo town in Residential Area No.1, Tan An ward, Nghia Lo town or the Yen Bai Literature Union in Residential Area No.27, Dong Tam ward, Yen Bai city by November 30, 2021.

Thu Trang

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Suoi Giang in the early morning.

Located at an altitude of nearly 1,400 metres above sea level, Suoi Giang has a cool climate year-round. Average temperatures are perhaps 8-10 degrees Celsius lower than in places such as Van Chan district and Nghia Lo town. On any given day in Suoi Giang, visitors may enjoy a cool night, floating clouds in the morning when they awake, and clear skies and breezes in the afternoon as golden sunshine bathes the hillsides. We are pleased to introduce readers to some of the highlights of Suoi Giang.

Chairman of the Yen Bai People’s Committee Tran Huy Tuan presents certificates of merit to six collectives and four individuals for their outstanding contributions in carrying out tourism activities in the province for the 2020-21 period.

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