Shanrila Muong Lo horse racing thrills revellers

  •  Tuesday, March 12, 2024

(YBO) – The Shanrila Muong Lo horse racing has been held in Nghia Lo township in northern Yen Bai province with the participation of 32 jockeys from the five provinces of Dien Bien, TuyenQuang, Son La, Lao Cai and Yen Bai.

Horses at the competition
Horses at the competition

For generations, people in mountainous areas have raised and tamed horses for transporting goods to fields on high and steep mountains for economic development. Nowadays, the best horses have a chance to compete with each other and entertain spectators with their strength on each race track.

The jockeys raced without any kind of protective suits. They were only equipped with a hat in replacement for a helmet and a pair of plastic slippers, and even no saddle was used. The man and his horse used all their skills and determination to win the race and bring pride to their villages.

Amidst enthusiastic applauds of 15,000 revellers, jockeys and their horses showed off their bravery and speed. The race was heated up with tight and rigid rushes as teams competed each other every meter. Besides, the good coordination between jockeys and their horses ignited exhilaration.

Horse No.32 of jockey Ngong Van Nghinh from TuyenQuang province won the first prize and received 30 million VND (1,200 USD). Horse No.6B of jockey Vang Van Lam from Lao Cai province came second and earned a prize of 10 million VND while horse 24F of jockey Lam Van Thang from Lao Cai finished third and brought home 5 million VND.

The horse racing aimed at preserving and praising traditional cultural values while promoting tourism images of the locality, and strengthening exchanges and solidarity among ethnic groups in the Northwestern region./.

Van Tuan

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