Mu Cang Chai holds first spintop competition of Mong ethnic group

  •  Friday, December 30, 2022

YBO - The first Spintop Competition of the Mong ethnic group recently took place in Yen Bai province’s Mu Cang Chai district, as part of the activities of the Mu Cang Chai 'To Day' Flower (forest peach blossom) Festival.

Seventy athletes from 14 communes and townships in the district participated in the competition in the individual and team categories.

In the individual category, the athletes competed in a distance of 9m, with each entitled to make three hits, and each hit corresponding to five points. Meanwhile, in the team category, each commune or township formed a team with five athletes. At different distances, the athlete must hit the opponent's spintop and stop it from spinning.

The competition created a playground for local people, and helped restore, maintain and preserve folk games and traditional cultural activities, and serve local tourism development, thus contributing to building Mu Cang Chai into a tourism district in the 2021 – 2025 period.

Thanh Chi - Manh Cuong

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