Yen Bai aims to have 105 new-style rural areas by year-end

  •  Wednesday, October 11, 2023

YBO - This year, Yen Bai province aims to have six additional communes recognised as new-style rural areas, nine advanced new-style rural communes and four model new-style rural areas. The locality is also striving to turn Yen Binh into a new-style rural district.

Currently, 99 out of 150 communes of Yen Bai have achieved all criteria of a new-style rural area, while 27 communes have been recognised as advanced new-style rural areas and six meeting the criteria of a model new-style rural area.

Meanwhile, 75 local villages have reached all new-style rural area criteria, while 191 have finished the implementation of criteria for model new-style rural areas. At the same time, three districts have also completed the new-style rural area building scheme.

Thanh Chi

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The completion of Son Luong - Sung Do - Nam Muoi inter-commune road makes it easier for people to trade goods and foster local socio-economic development.

Residents in Van Chan district donated land to build over 100km of roads in 2023, of which over 96 km were asphalted. To date, all inter-commune roads and over 84% of inter-village roads have been paved.

Experts examine and give advice on wood pellet production technology at the Yen Bai branch of the Netma JSC.

By applying technology, the branch of the Netma joint Stock Company in Vinh Kien commune of Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province, has completely mastered how to turn by-products generated during wood processing into bio pellets – a source of clean fuel for civil and industrial use as well as export.

Yen Bai aims to lure 60-80 investment projects each year.

A mountainous locality with many difficulties, Yen Bai has defined investment attraction as a key solution to boost the local socio-economic development.

Production of plywood at JUNMA Yen Bai joint Stock Company.

In 2022, Yen Bai province lured 24 investment projects in the fields of industry, trade and services with total capital of over 3.4 trillion VND (144.25 million USD).

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