Over 63% of foreign tourists to Yen Bai free visitors

  •  Sunday, March 17, 2024

YBO - According to the findings of a quick survey of foreign tourists to Yen Bai, over 63% of international tourists to the province are free visitors, with most of them preferring homestay. The rate of visitors who hope to lengthen their stay in Yen Bai is nearly twice that of those wanting to shorten their journey

43% of international visitors to Yen Bai prefer homestays.
43% of international visitors to Yen Bai prefer homestays.

Findings of another on the international tourism market to Yen Bai under a project on improving institutional capacity to support the implementation of the Master Plan for Socio-Economic Development of Ethnic Minority and Regional Areas in the 2021-2030 period, show that Germany and France account for the largest proportions the number of foreign tourists, 20% and 18%, respectively, followed by the US (12%), the UK (8%), Australia and Singapore (5.7%), and Spain, Israel and the Czech Republic (4%).

Regarding travel motives, traveling to explore landscapes, experience culture and meet local people is still the main options and visitors are very satisfied. In addition, the four information channels that are said to have a great influence on their travel decisions are word of mouth (64%), search engine Google (62%), through websites, and social networks (55%).

According to the report, 63.6% of them travel freely, 41.8% go with their families, and 36.3% with friends. Notably, up to 29% of visitors rent motorbikes in Yen Bai as their means of transport to explore the locality, and 24% choose taxis.

Regarding the type of accommodation, 43% prefer homestays, 28% motels, 8% bungalows, and 6% 4-star hotels.

Thanh Trung

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