Wild peach blossoms on full display in Yen Bai

  •  Thursday, December 22, 2022

To day (wild peach blossoms) are associated with the lives of many generations of H’Mong people in Mu Cang Chai district in Yen bai province. To honour the flower, the first To day Flower Festival will be held in late December, showcasing a range of cultural and artistic activities with the bold cultural identity of local ethnic groups.

To Day is a wild flower belonging to the peach blossom family. The H’Mong ethnic people in Mu Cang Chai district often call it "Pang to day” - forest peach blossom in Vietnamese. It has a strong vitality and only blooms in the cold of winter.

Born and bred amid To Day flowers in Mu Cang Chai, Giang A De longed for many years for a To Day flower festival to be held.

When he learned that the first such festival was set for December, De designed tours and enhanced promotions on social media so that tourists would know more about the wild beauty of the flower.

To Day flowers have become a special symbol of the harsh lands of Mu Cang Chai when winter comes. Clusters of the red-pink flowers on hillsides create a beautiful scene.

When the flowers bloom from mid-December to the end of January and blanket the local area in red-pink is the most beautiful time to visit Mu Cang Chai.

The flowers are also a symbol of spring and new crops, and have become a popular tourist attraction over recent years.

The blooming season for To Day flowers not only adds an alluring feature to the local scenery but also contributes to attracting more visitors.

A range of activities will be held during the festival, including musical performances, photo exhibitions, and folk games.


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