A springtime tour to Hoc village

  •  Monday, February 12, 2024

YBO - Hoc village in Son Thinh town, Van Chan district, has gained popularity among tourists as an interesting community-based tourism destination.

A cultural conservation area developed by Yen Bai Museum, and the tourism sector and People’s Committee of Van Chan district, the village has revived and protected ancient stilt houses, festivals, costumes, musical instruments, and traditional craft of the Thai den (Black Thai) ethnic people.

The village is in its best shape in spring when it is adorned with lush orchards and vibrant blooms of peach blossoms.

Coming to the village, visitors find it fascinating to soak themselves in the mineral spring and listen to the legend of this mysterious stream. Legend has it that Ma Long Vuong, a water monster of the Muong Banh land, wanted to take over the Ngoi Nhi (Nhi stream) running through Hoc village after hearing it was full of fish and shrimps.

After several days of fierce fighting with the monster owning Ngoi Nhi, it lost and dived deep into the bottom of the stream to hide. Since then the stream area has been hot and bubbling up all days and nights, which locals said is the breath of the loser.

Visitors to the village also have the opportunities to explore various cultural traits of the Thai ethnics, including dances of xoe, sap (dance with bamboo poles), and non  (dance with palm-leaf conical hat).

They are also treated to local staples such as com lam (rice cooked in bamboo tubes), grilled fish and stir-fried moss.

At night, the elderly in the village sing immortal love songs, and they glow with pride when telling visitors the stories of local heroes Cam Hanh and Nguyen Quang Bich.

Thanh Tan

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