Elderly woman engages in community-based tourism in Suoi Giang

  •  Friday, January 5, 2024

YBO - In 2015, 64-year-old Song Thi Phua in Giang B hamlet of Suoi Giang commune, Van Chan district, and her family began developing a homestay tourism model with attractive destinations worth to be explored right in their family’s area.

Song Thi Phua, a woman in Suoi Giang commune of Van Chan district, introduces the tourism site of Coc Tinh.
Song Thi Phua, a woman in Suoi Giang commune of Van Chan district, introduces the tourism site of Coc Tinh.

The mountainous commune is home to four ethnic groups, and over 98% of its population are Mong people. It is located not far from the centre of Van Chan district, but local Mong villagers still uphold many unique features of their traditional cultural values.

In addition, Suoi Giang boasts magnificent natural landscapes, primeval forests with amazing scenery, and famous centuries-old forests of Shan tuyet tea. All of these make Suoi Giang stand out and give it potential for becoming a leisure and ecological tourism site of sustainable development.

Coc Tinh is currently a magnet for travelers when they come to the homestay tourism site of Phua’s family. Setting foot here, many visitors said that this place is like a dreamland. They can enjoy not only tranquility but also fresh and cool air and the endless greenery on mountain.

To create favourable conditions for visitors to Coc Tinh, Phua and her family built a path with hundreds of stone steps and designed interesting sites for tourists to take photos.

Nguyen Thi Hang, a tourist from Hanoi, said that she loves exploring Coc Tinh when coming to Suoi Giang since the pristine and natural beauty this place remains intact. Here, she can also experience the traditional culture of Mong people such as costumes, food, and khen (panpipe) dance. All of these have given her interesting experiences to try.

Thanks to strong efforts by Phua and her family, their community-based tourism model has met standards and been connected with travel companies, thus becoming more popular among visitors from far and wide. Each month, Phua’s tourism site welcomes more than 300 visitors from Yen Bai and other localities.

Such a tourism model has helped to not only introduce the fine traditional values of the Mong ethnic group in Suoi Giang, as well as Yen Bai at large, to domestic and foreign tourists but also improve the material and spiritual life quality of mountainous residents.

Hong Oanh

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