Van Yen launches team of volunteer drivers to support COVID-19 prevention, control

  •  Wednesday, July 21, 2021

YBO - Van Yen district has established a team of volunteer drivers to support the prevention and control of the COVID--19 epidemic in the locality.

Vehicles of the Volunteer Vehicle Team at the launching ceremony.
Vehicles of the Volunteer Vehicle Team at the launching ceremony.

After just two days issuing the call for volunteers, 268 people, including three women, from 17 communes, towns, and 10 agencies and units applied to join the Volunteer Vehicle Team. They are of different ages and come from all walks of life but all share the spirit of wanting to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

At the team's debut ceremony, leaders of Van Yen district presented logos to the drivers in the team. The district health center has trained the drivers in COVID-19 prevention and control measures, including disinfection of themselves and their vehicles, and how to use protective gear properly.

Secretary of Van Yen district's Party Committee Luyen Huu Chung presents the team's logos to the drivers.

The establishment and launch of the Volunteer Vehicle Team is meaningful in the context of complicated developments of the pandemic, demonstrating the spirit "fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy" of Van Yen district. The Volunteer Vehicle Team is ready to respond to any situation, serving the transport of people and goods, supplies and equipment, as well as the task of contact tracing and zoning quarantine areas.

Duc Toan - Thu Trang

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