Camping a new product of Yen Bai tourism

  •  Friday, May 12, 2023

YBO - Camping has been chosen by many young people for their holidays over the recent years. In anticipation of that trend, some businesses and individuals in Yen Bai province have set up campsites to take full advantage of natural landscapes and attract tourists to the locality.

Visitors immersed in the 'sea of clouds' at a camping tent at LauCamping, Phinh Ho commune, Tram Tau district. (Photo:
Visitors immersed in the 'sea of clouds' at a camping tent at LauCamping, Phinh Ho commune, Tram Tau district. (Photo:

Nguyen Duc Thang from Hanoi said: "Recently, our group went to Cao Pha commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province for a camping trip. We set up our own tents, cooked food and enjoyed fresh air in this far-flung land. The difference here was that we received enthusiastic help from local people who not only help set up the tents but also become local tour guides for us to experience life here.”

The campsite mentioned by Thang is KongHill of Khau Pha Friends joint Stock Company in Ta Dong village, Cao Pha commune, which was officially put into operation on the April 30 - May 1 holidays and had been under pilot operation from November 2022.

For those who have needs for culinary, natural landscape and ethnic culture experiences, the company also provides local guides who have been trained in cooking and communication.

Camping is a trend that many tourists choose for their short vacations. Besides self-service camping, services also start to flourish in Yen Bai. With this type, visitors do not need to bring camping gear, just necessary personal items.

‘Sea of clouds’ at LauCamping campsite, Phinh Ho commune, Tram Tau district.

In addition to tent rental services, many establishments also provide outdoor dining and barbecue services, which are attractive to tourists, such as LauCamping in Phinh Ho commune, Tram Tau district; Suoi Giang tea culture space in Van Chan district; and and Jack Ecolodge in Luc Yen.

Yen Bai currently boasts many beautiful natural landscapes, and attractive and spacious places, so it has all the conditions and space suitable for camping. Besides, in Yen Bai, there are also interesting activities such as outdoor, climbing, walking, kayaking, fishing, and discovery of ethnic culture, which all can create a true camping trip.

However, at present, this type of tourism is organised spontaneously, resulting in potential risks of unsafety and difficulties in the management of visitors. In the coming time, if it is organised more methodically and professionally, associated with cultural sites, it will also be a new direction for development, along with other popular types, in exploiting potential and strengths of the province's natural resources.

Hoai Anh

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