Cricket farming a way to get out of poverty for Yen Bai locals

  •  Thursday, June 24, 2021

YBO - Ha Thi Nghe in Ao Sen village, Dong Khe commune, Van Chan district, is trying her hand on the cricket farming which, she said, has provided her family with feed for other animals.

There are now four households in Dong Khe commune engaging in cricket farming which has initially brought about high economic value.
There are now four households in Dong Khe commune engaging in cricket farming which has initially brought about high economic value.

The woman described the trade as relatively easy as it requires little investment while the demand is high. This prompted her to invest in this model as a way to improve her family's livelihood.

Feed for the insect comes from the locally available vegetable. The breeding time is also relatively short, in just 40-45 days. Her family earns more than 10 million VND per month from cricket farming.

Each year, her household farms more than 5 broods of crickets, with has an average price of 150,000 VND/kg. Her customers are not only locals but also restaurants in Nghia Lo town, Mu Cang Chai district, Suoi Giang tourist area, and Hanoi. In order to penetrate bigger markets, Nghe has enthusiastically shared her knowledge, experience, and technical guidance for farmers in the commune who are interested in raising crickets.

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