Xoi Farmstay - unique homestay on Ngoc Luc Yen land

  •  Wednesday, May 27, 2020

YBO - The uniqueness, attractiveness and cultural characteristics of Tay ethnic group from Ngoc Luc Yen land are clearly shown through Xoi Farmstay model built by Hoang Thi Xoi in Tong Pinh Cai hamlet, Lam Thuong commune.

Visitors experience alluring beauty of Xoi Farmstay.
Visitors experience alluring beauty of Xoi Farmstay.

Endowed with abundant natural resources, Lam Thuong commune preserves many unique cultural identities of Tay ethnic people in Luc Yen. Thanks to the beauty of nature and stilt house – the traditional house of Tay ethnic minority, Xoi has bravely developed community-based tourism in her family house. 

Xoi family’s stilt house is designed with rooms to serve 15-20 guests. The most important thing in building the model is retaining traditional features of local Tay people such as brocade weaving, wood stoves and costumes. 

Bui Lan Phuong, a tourist from Hanoi said: "I feel like at home when experiencing homestay services here, especially beautiful landscape, fresh air and friendly local people. I will introduce my friends to this place”. 

Khuôn viên Xoi Farmstay của Hoàng Thị Xới ở bản Tông Pình Cại, xã Lâm Thượng.

Hoang Thi Xoi’s Xoi Farmstay premise in Tong Pinh Cai hamlet, Lam Thuong commune. 

Visitors to Xoi Farmstay come from many countries such as the UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa, as well as those from across the country.

Experiencing the community-based tourism model, all visitors feel the natural beauty of the place with fresh space and rustic scenery, and enjoy Luc Yen's famous traditional dishes such as duck, fish and bamboo shoots. 

About 15km from the district’s downtown, along the mountainside, Lam Thuong commune with beautiful, pristine scenery and man-made buildings has become attractive to visitors. 

On weekends, there are attractive destinations such as homestay services in Tong Pinh Cai and Kheo Leng hamlets, Xa Tran fall in Nam Chan hamlet, Bo Kheo cave in Kheo Leng hamlet, and Tham Duong cave in Tong Pang hamlet. 

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