Tourism programme promises visitors interesting experiences in “Land of Gems”

  •  Wednesday, November 30, 2022

YBO - The third “Coming to the Land of Gems” tourism programme is taking place in Luc Yen district from December 2 to 4.

A “com” (young sticky rice flakes) making competition at the Cac Keng Festival in Khanh Thien commune, Luc Yen district.
A “com” (young sticky rice flakes) making competition at the Cac Keng Festival in Khanh Thien commune, Luc Yen district.

"Rural market” is one of the new tourism experiences in Luc Yen, known as the "land of gems”, in the recent past. Assigned to organise the rural market space, the division for agriculture and rural development and the women’s union of the district has boosted the preparation of outstanding farm produce and "One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) products for the space, including peanut oil, "sanh” and "Vinh” orange, "com” (young sticky rice flakes), poultry and fishery products, and delicacies of local ethnic minorities.

This cultural space is also reflected through woven products, brocades, and traditional working tools sold at the market, as well as folk singing and dancing performances and the reenactment of traditional customs and festivals.

Coming to the market, visitors will also have a chance to try their hands on making embroidery, bamboo baskets, or "chung” cakes. Check-in places have also been arranged there to attract tourists.

An important event of the tourism programme is the opening ceremony in the evening of December 2, which will feature special musical performances and fireworks on the banks of Yen The Lake.

The musical performances by nearly 100 artisans, professional and amateur artists of Luc Yen will give the audience a glance at the quintessence of the local culture. They are also considered an invitation to friends from far and wide to come and experience the pristine nature of the district, special culture of ethnic groups, and hospitality of local residents.

The tourism programme will include an incense offering ceremony at Dai Cai Temple; a photo exhibition of the local land and people along the road surrounding Yen The Lake; sports competitions such as football and volleyball; folk games like spinning tops, blind man’s buff, goat fighting in Khai Trung commune, and bird fighting in Yen The township; a rural market space in Mai Son commune; and sightseeing and experience activities in some communes.

The third "Coming to the Land of Gems” programme is scheduled to last from December 2 to 4.

Anh Dung

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Visitors are excited to

Thanks to the flexible application of measures to stimulate tourism demand, Yen Bai tourism industry has achieved impressive results in the first eight months of this year. The number of visitors to the province was up 103% year-on-year while tourism revenue also increased by more than 152% over the same period last year.

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