Yen Bai province promotes trade with RoK

  •  Friday, April 19, 2024

YBO - Enterprises in Vietnam in general and Yen Bai province in particular are enhancing their trade cooperation with the Republic of Korea (RoK).

Nguyen Thi Khuyen, Director of Nasaki Vietnam Co., Ltd., introduces its tile products to foreign partners.
Nguyen Thi Khuyen, Director of Nasaki Vietnam Co., Ltd., introduces its tile products to foreign partners.

Currently, Yen Bai's exports are available in nearly 90 countries and territories across the world.

The potential for Yen Bai products remains big in the Korean market. However, its potential and strong exports available in the RoK are still limited in terms of types. Last year, the province’s export value to the Korean market was estimated at 23 million USD, accounting for 6.7% of its total export revenue. Main products were garments and textiles, wooden products and minerals.

According to economists, potential and advantageous products that Yen Bai can increase export to the RoK are garments and textiles, minerals (stone and stone powder), plastic products, wood and wooded products (wooden chopsticks and spoons, sawn timber, household equipment), agricultural products like tea and cassava, cinnamon and cinnamon products, and Nasaki coloured tiles.

Nguyen Dinh Chien, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, said that Yen Bai considers the RoK as a key market so the province has issued policies to encourage local businesses to seek ways to enter this market in accordance with its potential and advantages, goods quality requirements and other conditions of exported goods.

In addition, it has continued to create conditions for relevant State management agencies and enterprises to have opportunities to meet with and learn about Korean consumption habits and traditional culture to build appropriate export production and business strategies.

In early March, Do Duc Duy, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, led a delegation on a working visit to the RoK. This activity has contributed to strengthening the good relationship between the two countries in general, between Yen Bai and the RoK in particular as well as promoting the development of investment cooperation with Korean localities and businesses./.

Nguyen Thom

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Yen Bai province's booths at 33rd Vietnam International Trade Fair

YBO – Yen Bai province is popularising its advantageous industrial products and services at the 33rd Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo 2024) which is being held in Hanoi from April 3-6.

Leaders of the provincial Farmers’ Association and Yen Binh district join in tree planting activity after the ceremony.

The Farmers’ Association of Yen Bai province has just cooperated with the Management Board of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) programme, the Vietnam Farmer’s Union (VNFU), the Farmers’ Association of Yen Binh district, and Tan Nguyen commune to launch a large timber afforestation and forest restoration campaign in an attempt to reduce greenhouse emission.

Yen Bai consumers prefer products with clearly labelled sources of origin.

Branded products of Yen Bai province have received warm welcome from the market. In recent years, many enterprises have paid due attention to developing their brands and secure a foothold in the market.

The sub-project of the World Bank-funded Dynamic Cities Integrated Development Project is one of the key projects of Yen Bai province, helping create a new look for the locality.

Defining public investment disbursement, including foreign capital, is the most important task, Yen Bai province has proactively devised plans on how to use the funding and repay loans in line with local resources as well as arrange resources to pay debt and fulfill repayment obligations, ensuring that outstanding debt is closely controlled.

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