“Son Tra” flowers blossoming in Mu Cang Chai

  •  Tuesday, April 14, 2020

YBO - The pristine white of “Son Tra” flowers (scientifically named Malus doumeri) mingled with the clouds floating over mountains makes the scene of Mu Cang Chai become more dreamy.

"Son Tra” flowers brighten up mountains in March and April

From a naturally growing floral, now Son Tra has become one of the key crops in Mu Cang Chai highland with about 4,500 ha, of which nearly 3,000 ha have been harvested.

In 2020, the district strives to grow 250 ha. Developing this plant is one of the eight components under the local agriculture restructuring project towards increasing added value and sustainable development in 2016 – 2020.

Năm nay hoa Táo mèo nở rộ hứa hẹn một mùa quả bội thu.

"Son Tra” in full blossom, promising a bumper fruit season 

Locals visit newly planted Son Tra forest in Lung Cung village, Nam Co commune.

Young "Son Tra” flowers and fruits

"Son Tra” flowers brighten up mountains in March and April

"Son Tra” forest viewed from above

"Son Tra” harvest starts from June

Locals are now able to grow and protect "Son Tra” to improve economic efficiency.

Thanh Mien - Thanh Thuy

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