Electricity access brings joy to remote village

  •  Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Previously, when the locality was yet to be connected to the electric grid, 90 households in Lang Mit village, Van Yen district’s Tan Hop commune, pooled money to buy electric wires and poles to bring electricity to the village. However, the self-made electric line could only meet lighting needs.

But this year's Lunar New Year (Tet) festival, the village has been connected to the grid. Many households in the village have purchased televisions, refrigerators, rice cookers and electric kettles for their daily lives.

For over 70 Mong households residing in Sua Long village, Nam Khat commune of Mu Cang Chai district, access to electricity before Tet is considered a big event. Thao A Chu, the village’s head said that a few months ago, he had to transport unhusked rice to the commune’s centre for processing and when the weather is bad, he had to use a mortar to pound it.

Having access to electricity, the mother and wife of Trang A Sung, who live in Sua Long village, Mu Cang Chai district’s Nam Khat commune, are happy when the family buys a refrigerator just before Tet.

Now, all daily activities from boiling water, cooking rice and even chopping grass for buffaloes and cows, use electricity.

The power lines have helped foster ethnic people's confidence in the leadership of the Party and the State. In 2022, Yen Bai province’s power sector and the industry and trade sector have connected all nine communes in the district with the grid, fulfilling the year’s plan and bringing electricity to thousands of households in highland villages and hamlets.

Access to the national grid, improved transport infrastructure as well as the implementation of poverty reduction policies, ethnic minorities in Yen Bai are expected to have conditions for economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation.

Thu Hiền

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