Yen Bai works to improve provincial competitiveness index

  •  Monday, June 21, 2021

YênBái - According to the provincial competitiveness index (PCI) report 2020 released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Yen Bai was ranked 33 out of 63 localities nationwide and belonged to the group with medium governance quality. From 2015 to 2020, the province leaped 18 positions in the PCI rankings from the 51st position in 2015.

Vice Chairman of the Yen Bai People’s Committee Nguyen Chien Thang talks to investors and enterprises at the
Vice Chairman of the Yen Bai People’s Committee Nguyen Chien Thang talks to investors and enterprises at the "Entrepreneur Café” programme in April 2021.

The result showed that Yen Bai has made progress in its PCI ranking, which reflected strong efforts in the governing activities at all levels, all sectors and localities over the years.

However, in the 10 component indexes, only three recorded relatively high scores (one more compared to in 2019).  

Meanwhile, upturn was seen in the scores of five indexes, while five suffered downturn. The informal cost index rose 1.31 points, jumping 35 places to 14th position out of 63 localities.

Particularly, the index in land access only increased 0.61 point over 2019 but rose 30 places from that in 2019 to 29th position. The index on market entry fell 0.48 points but was still at relatively high level at 7.50 points, becoming the sub-index with the highest score among the 10 sub-indexes.

According to the report, Yen Bai posted 63.35 points, ranking 33rd out of 63 cities and provinces nationwide.

With its advantages in transportation system, rich natural resources, large farming areas and abundant human resources, Yen Bai has maintained and promoted its advantages to attract investors.

The province has paid great attention to the reform of administrative procedures, especially those related to investment and business. So far, 100 percent of the administrative procedures of all departments and sectors have been processed at the Provincial Administrative Centre.

Meanwhile, all sectors and localities have regularly reviewed and cut down the duration of processing administrative procedures, giving favourable conditions and cutting cost for businesses and people considerably. They have applied information technology to speed up the processing of administrative requests.

The province has also shown strong performance in COVID-19 prevention and control, thus implementing the dual targets of preventing the spreading of the pandemic and recovering and boosting socio-economic development.

Yen Bai is striving to further enhance its ranking in the PCI index and become one of the leading provinces in the northern mountainous region in the field.

Quang Thieu