Mu Cang Chai district preserves Mong ethnic cultural identity

  •  Tuesday, September 29, 2020

YênBái - Mu Cang Chai district, with the Mong ethnic people accounting for over 90 percent of the total population, has developed a project to preserve the cultural identity of the people during 2013-2015 with a vision until 2020.

Mong ethnic group’s cultural identity is preserved through festivals.
Mong ethnic group’s cultural identity is preserved through festivals.

It has directed communes and towns to outline solutions to protecting the traditional culture, organising cultural exchanges between communes in the district, opening classes to teach the Mong language, as well as restoring musical instruments such as khen (flute), dan moi (jew harp), and traditional dancing.

Besides mobilising local people to preserve traditional houses and craft villages, the district has worked to maintain a wide range of rituals like those related to death, naming, and new crop festival. Particularly, schools in the district also create opportunities for their students to experience their traditional culture with extracurricular activities focusing on folk games, traditional dancing and festivals such as Gau tao festival and khen dancing.

To date, khen, dan moi and khan dancing clubs have been set up at several schools, and Mong ethnic cultural contests organised regularly to raise students’ awareness of their tradition. 

Additionally, thanks to the local preservation efforts, many crafts in Mu Cang Chai district have been recognised as traditional crafts such as brocade weaving in Che Cu Nha commune’s De Thang village, casting in Nam Khat, De Xu Phinh, Che Cu Nha and Kim Noi communes, making of khen flute in Pung Luong, Nam Khat, La Pan Tan, De Xu Phinh and Mo De communes. The move is significant as many jobs have been generated in the locality, contributing to the sustainable poverty reduction target.

Vu Dong