Mai Son countryside market – special cultural space of Tay ethnic group

  •  Friday, January 27, 2023

YBO - In early 2022, authorities of Mai Son commune of Luc Yen district decided to restore the “countryside market of Mai Son commune” with a view to preserving and developing traditional crafts, boosting the sale of local typical products, and introducing costumes, dishes, and customs of the Tay ethnic group, thereby helping uphold traditional cultural values and promote community-based tourism.

Both sellers and buyers at the Mai Son countryside market love wearing traditional costumes.
Both sellers and buyers at the Mai Son countryside market love wearing traditional costumes.

To Tay people in Mai Son commune, it is a joy and happiness to wear their traditional costumes to visit the local market and exchange traditional products such as cakes, clothes, daily utensils, tools, and woven items.

Tang Thi Hoa from Son Ha hamlet of Mai Son said she supports the idea of the communal women’s union to encourage women to wear traditional costumes when coming to the market. Many women wearing their ethnic groups’ traditional costumes is a beautiful image that can be found only in this market. The commune has also arranged areas for displaying simple but also unique products. People also come here to take photos.

Black chung cakes, a delicacy of Tay ethnic people in Luc Yen district that is popular in the Mai Son countryside market.

The countryside market of Mai Son commune is held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thanks to this market, many traditional crafts and typical products of Tay people have been revived, developed, and become more popular. Residents in Mai Son and nearby communes such as Lam Thuong, Khanh Thien, Yen Thang, and Minh Xuan also come to buy those commodities.

An interesting thing of this market is that not all people coming here for selling or buying purposes. Many visit this place only to enjoy market scenes or meet their acquaintances. At the market, people talk to one another about daily affairs, from how to farm chickens and fish, their descendants’ performance at schools, to issues of their villages.

Therefore, the Mai Son countryside market is not only a place for trading goods but also a venue for entertainment and cultural activities of locals and where a treasure of culinary, costume and customs values of Tay ethnic people are kept.

The recovered countryside market has been helping preserve and develop special cultural identities of areas in Luc Yen district, thus contributing to tourism development in the "land of gems”.

Anh Dung

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