Yen Bai discovers ancient rocks full of engravings in Mu Cang Chai

  •  Monday, September 07, 2020

YBO - In July, the Museum of Yen Bai province coordinated with the culture and information division of Mu Cang Chai district and authorities of Lao Chai commune to expand a survey of ancient engraved rocks in Hu Tru Linh, Xeo Di Ho A and Xeo Di Ho B villages.

A rock fully covered with engravings of terraced fields.
A rock fully covered with engravings of terraced fields.

Researchers discovered six new rocks and slabs with diverse engravings.

In Xeo Di Ho B village, 11 rocks of this type have been found so far, including four lying on the ground with their surface area of 4-9 square metres.

In Hu Tru Linh, there are six rocks, including two on the ground. Notably, a tortoise shell-shaped rock that is 2.8 metres high, 3.7 metres long and 2.6 metres wide is fully covered with engravings of terraced fields.

In the time ahead, the Yen Bai Museum is set to continue working with archaeologists and ethnologists to expand the survey, assess the value and draw maps of such rocks’ locations. It will also include the rocks in tours of the Mu Cang Chai terraced fields so that this special national landscape will be preserved and have its value brought into play.

In 2015, the museum carried out the first phase of the survey in two villages of Lao Chai commune, finding six of 20 large rocks and slabs engraved with what is believed to be images of terraced fields. This provided the basis for the second phase of the survey.

Ly Kim Khoa

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