Nghia Lo town’s education sector promotes local culture in schools

  •  Thursday, July 23, 2020

YBO - In the 2013-2014 academic year, the Education and Training Department of Nghia Lo town built a model to preserve and uphold local culture identities in schools. The model has been implemented in all schools in the town, focusing on promoting extra-curriculum educational activities.

Students of Hoang Van Thu secondary school forming the S-shaped map of Vietnam

Traditional games regularly organised by local schools

Students in Nghia Lo town wear traditional costumes of their ethnic groups at schools

Nghia Lo students introducing local ancient Xoe dances to foreign guests

The popularisation of local traditional culture included in flag salute on each Monday at local schools. 

Teacher Chu Thi Tu Lien talks with artist Dieu Thi Xieng before the start of extra-curriculum activity

Project on improving value and efficiency of the intangible culture heritage – Muong Lo ancient Xoe dance at schools in Thai ethnic minority areas wins the province’s second prize.  

By Le Bao Anh

Other news

One of the activities to promote tourism of Luc Yen district is supporting the formation and operation of traditional art troupes in communes and towns.

A rock fully covered with engravings of terraced fields.

In July, the Museum of Yen Bai province coordinated with the culture and information division of Mu Cang Chai district and authorities of Lao Chai commune to expand a survey of ancient engraved rocks in Hu Tru Linh, Xeo Di Ho A and Xeo Di Ho B villages.

Your Vietnam experience won't be complete without nhau, eating and drinking for no particular purpose. Nhau, in turn, won't be complete without smoked buffalo.

Childhood happiness

The northern province of Yen Bai has approved a survey and proposal on the measurement of local people’s Happiness Index.

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