War veterans in Mu Cang Chai district help each other escape poverty

  •  Friday, October 8, 2021

Upholding the tradition of “Uncle Ho’s soldiers”, war veterans in Yen Bai’s Mu Cang Chai district have been examples in taking part in socio-economic development programmes and fostering emulation campaigns, including ones in poverty alleviation, and building new-style rural areas which have drawn in various members.

Members of the war veteran association in Mo De commune raise goats as a source of income.
Members of the war veteran association in Mo De commune raise goats as a source of income.

Sung A Xa, head of the district's war veterans' association, said that members have not only actively participated in developing household business but also been good examples in emulation campaigns at grassroots level.

In response to a campaign on the national target programme on building new-style rural areas in Mu Cang Chai, the association sends its members to join over 2,000 work days annually to repair 40 houses, build eight others for poor members and help three families of policies beneficiaries build houses, as well as repair and upgrade nearly 5km of rural roads and dredge over 60km of irrigation canals.

Responding to a campaign which calls on veterans to help each other escape poverty and do business, each year, the association partners with relevant agencies to hold nearly 100 classes on technology transfer in cultivation, animal husbandry and disease prevention for cattle and poultry, with the participation of 90 percent of its members.

It also joined hands with the Vietnam Bank for Social Policy's branch in the district, with the help of 43 groups, to create favourable conditions for 1,787 families to borrow more than 71 billion VND (3.13 million USD).

Members are working to maintain operations of three businesses, 30 cooperatives, 35 farms and 73 service trading households.

Some outstanding economic models include that of Thao Xu Rua and Thao A Cu in Lung Cung hamlet in Nam Co commune. It is an animal husbandry model in combination with growing trees, raking in over 300 million VND a year.

A model of apicultural production together with animal husbandry and farming of Thao A Khay and Giang A Pha in Pung Luong commune earns 150 million VND annually.

Meanwhile, another of Giang Chang Giao and Hang A Chong in De Xu Phinh commune specialising in goat farming and fruit growing brings in nearly 200 million VND per year.

The campaign that calls on veterans to support each other has contributed to meeting the district’s poverty reduction target each year. The association has 617 poor member households in 2016, and the figure has reduced to 221 as of September this year.

At present, the association has 218 households earning above average living standards with income of between 70-300 million VND per year.

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