Hung Khanh develops Bat Do bamboo shoot farming zone

  •  Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Designated as one of the four key communes for Bat Do bamboo shoot cultivation in Tran Yen district, Hung Khanh is focusing on zoning off and building bamboo shoot farming area while urging locals to switch from less-efficient crops to this kind of tree.

Agricultural promotion workers guide farmers in Hung Khanh commune in cultivation technique for Bat Do bamboo.
Agricultural promotion workers guide farmers in Hung Khanh commune in cultivation technique for Bat Do bamboo.

Planting Bat Do bamboo for shoots on a site of nearly 1ha from 2009, the family of Tran Van Anh in Tinh Hung village, Hung Khanh commune, grew the trees on three more hectares after seeing its economic value. With the State support in saplings and technical guidance, he plans to extend it to six ha this year. 

like Anh’s family, the family of Pham Van Lam in Ngon Dong village switched to Bat Do bamboo for their one hectare of land from trees of less economic value. 

Hung Khanh commune strives to grow Bat Do bamboo on an additional 20ha this year. 

Growing on steep hills, Bat Do bamboo can generate an annual income of 3 million VND per ha during the first three years of farming. After that, if cared for well, the tree could fetch up to 30-40 million VND per ha each year. 

Thanks to its high economic value, the cultivation of this kind of tree has been expanding in the commune. So far, the total area under Bat Do bamboo has reached nearly 250ha, mostly in Khe Ngang, Ngon Dong, Tinh Hung and Dat Quang villages. 

Apart from expanding farming area, Hung Khanh is carrying out support policies to attract investors to buy and process bamboo shoots. 

Chairman of the communal People’s Committee Tran Van Tam said this kind of tree suits the local land, climate and labour conditions. This year, the Yen Thanh joint stock company will build a factory in the local industrial cluster for the processing of Bat Do bamboo shoots, thus enabling farmers to sell shoots at stable prices for a long term, encouraging them to expand concentrated production zone to improve income. 

Hung Cuong

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